As part of becoming IT computer support professionals, students complete courses that prepare them for industry certifications. Almost every course we teach prepares students for passing the industry certification exam. Below are the 7 compelling reasons why getting certified will help you launch your IT computer support career or get a promotion in your organization.

1. IT computer support certifications help differentiate candidates during the hiring process. Certification itself is a strong credential that helps illustrate your knowledge in a specific technology and demonstrates discipline and dedication.
2. Certifications are generally designed to provide a wide variety of knowledge. Having a certification gives employers confidence that people can do the work that is covered as part of certification.
3. Certification preparation can provide the motivation needed for students to set aside the time and energy needed to truly study a topic.
4. The organization through which you received your certification training is generally an ongoing source of information, networking and career development.
5. Many certifications require a specified amount of continuing education to maintain your certification. This ongoing educational requirement provides additional motivation to keep current regarding your industry.
6. The best certification training provides not only the “what” and the “how”, but also the “why”. This “why” helps provide insights into the rationale behind the creation of seemingly unneeded or less obvious product features.
7. After completing your certification, your training/study materials can be a great technical reference and job-aid to assist you in your daily work.

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List of Certifications MATC Prepares Students for as Part of IT Computer Support Program

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