Transfer Programs are Available

MATC offers great Associate’s Degrees in the IT field. And for students looking for education past an Associate’s Degree have a couple options available.

UWM – Bachelor of Science in Information Science & Technology (IST)

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MATC has worked with UWM to provide a path directly into the IST degree. There are a few things that will need to be met to qualify for this path:

  • 100% of the Technical Studies courses in MATC IT degrees would apply to the Bachelor’s Degree in IST. These credits transferred in as INFOST X and are only valid towards the IST degree.
  • Many general studies courses at MATC will transfer to UWM. The listing of General Studies courses below should satisfy both MATC IT Degree requirements and transfer to UWM:
    • ECON-195
    • ENG-201 and 202
    • MATH-200 or 201
    • NATSCI-225 or NATSCI-245
    • PSYCH-199
    • SOCSCI-197
  • If you intend to pursue the IST degree at UWM:
    • The information detailed above is accurate, as of January 2015.
    • We think it is critical to work with a UWM Transfer Counselor. This will ensure that you get the maximum credit transfer from you MATC degree.
    • To quickly check if a class meets the transer requirements you can use the UW Transfer Page.
      • Click the Credit Transfer Wizard and Select General Education Wizard.
      • Remember to choose MATC-Milwaukee to UW-Milwaukee and that these listings are for reference and may not be 100% accurate.

This would leave students approximately 54 credits away from earning the bachelor’s degree from UWM. With a few extra courses it is possible you could also earn a minor in Computer Science – talk with an IST advisor at UWM to learn more about transfer programs and credits.

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MSOE – Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) 2+2

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The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) program at MSOE provides students with a combination of business, management and information technology preparation needed to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

The program provides the opportunity for students to focus their studies by selecting specialty course work in areas such as:

  • Computer Systems and Networking – networking, systems analysis, systems design, operating systems and security
  • Software Systems Development – advanced computer programming, Internet and World Wide Web applications, business process analysis, software integration and implementation, database development and information technology product management.

To check if your classes should transfer take a look at MSOE’s Transfer Manual. Remember to choose Milwaukee Area Technical College and that these listings are for reference and may not be 100% accurate.