Registering for the IT Network Specialist program:

  • You may be eligible for financial aid for your degree. Check your TAA eligibility by clicking the link and contacting MATC Financial AID Office.
  • Apply for admission to MATC (if you are pursuing a degree or diploma program).
  • Review the benefits of the IT Network Specialist program. You can review and print or download the IT Network Specialist associate degree program card. Make sure to capture the program code number, since you will need it for registration.
  • You can register in person at any MATC campus. See phone numbers and campus addresses at Make sure you bring the program card, your identification and have all information necessary to complete the registration.
  • You may be able to register online. New students should call 414-297-7900 for assistance.

Register for the classes:

Once registered for the program you can check the IT Networking Schedule. (Click on the IT Networking Schedule link to the schedule and click on ITNET program from the list on the new page that will appear)
Online at INFOnline link and select IT Networking programs
Call 414-297-7900 if you need assistance

Quick check for available classes:

Go to and click the Search for Classes (login not required).

On this page we have a few steps to complete:

Box 1 First, select the semester to search for classes available.
Box 2 Using the class codes (e.g. ITNET-111), input the codes into the appropriate boxes.
Box 3 Select the campus where you would like to take the classes.
Box 4 Click submit – if 0 results are shown, this class is not offered at this campus for the selected semester.

Note: If you make a mistake inputting the class codes you could get 0 results.

For video and more detailed step-by-step tutorials on using INFOnline to register for classes online, visit our eCampus support webpage.