Business Partnerships

Because the IT field is an ever-evolving area, working with businesses to acquire equipment to provide a better learning experience is a must. We have worked with many businesses to better educate our students with real-world equipment for more hands-on time.

Synology, Inc. is one case in which we have been able to improve the curriculum with equipment we received from them. Being able to secure nine NAS boxes for our ITNET-158/159 classes has allowed us to give students hands-on experience with real hardware. Before, students had access to virtual storage – but never could hot swap drives or see what happens when a drive is pulled.

Click the image to the left to read more about how Synology and MATC worked together to better educate our students.

Below are companies that have worked with MATC to provide equipment or discounts to students:

Amazon Web Services | EC2


CBT Nuggets